Never Lose Your
Remote Again!

EasyFinder is world's first two-way remote locator designed to track most battery powered items AND your smartphone, all through the free EasyFinder app.

1 Easyfinder $32 (intro price) - Includes battery charger + free shipping


The EasyFinder is a low power Bluetooth transmitter that allows you to simply substitute one of the AA or AAA batteries in your TV or gaming remote control with the EasyFinder. Once you have the app on your smartphone or tablet, you’re ready to locate your remote. The app uses radar-like guidance with an audible beeping sound from the EasyFinder device, sending you in the direction of your lost remote.

Find Your Phone Fast: You can also locate your smartphone by simply pressing the logo on your EasyFinder battery within your device. A signal will be sent to your phone making it ring, even if its on silent!!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does EasyFinder work?

EasyFinder uses Bluetooth technology to create a two-way communication system from your smartphone to the battery. Using the free EasyFinder app, you can see the location and/or set off an alert on up to ten devices at a time, never losing your battery-operated devices again. Every EasyFinder battery comes with a button to locate your smartphone, so with the push of a button on the EasyFinder, sends an alert to your smartphone, even if the phone is on silent.

What sizes does the EasyFinder come in?

EasyFinder comes in two sizes, AA and AAA battery sizes. Other sizes and specialty sizes are under development.

How are the EasyFinder batteries rechargeable?

You can recharge your EasyFinder batteries with any standard battery charger, which can be found at most big box stores.

How often will I have to buy new EasyFinder batteries?

The EasyFinder battery has a lifespan of 4-12 months, depending on usage and can be re-charged up to 1000 times.

How did you come up with the idea for EasyFinder?

EasyFinder was born out of necessity. Rick, our founder, realized that something is always lost in the house, whether it be his phone, the remote, or some other toy or gadget. EasyFinder was created as a fix-all solution to find everything you need.

What phones does the app work for?

EasyFinder is compatible with iOS and Android devices and will have the EasyFinder App available for free.

How does EasyFinder locate your phone?

EasyFinder uses a two-way Bluetooth signal, so from either your battery-operated device or your smartphone, you can push a button to signal an alert to the other device.

When will EasyFinder be shipping?

EasyFinder is targeting to ship in November 2015, ready for the holiday season

Where are EasyFinder batteries assembled?

EasyFinder batteries are assembled in USA in the Greater Fort Worth-Dallas area of Texas.

Is EasyFinder going to be coming out with any additional products?

Yes, EasyFinder has over a dozen plans to add additional battery sizes and specialty batteries to its list. Stay tuned for updates and announcements in the future!

How can I get in touch with the EasyFinder team?

For questions or comments, email Media inquiries should contact




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